If you have a pre-existing condition, get life insurance now, while we can still promise to make it easy and affordable.

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Eric Grunfeld, President, TEG Insurance Solutions


TEG Insurance Solutions was founded with the goal of serving individuals who have had challenges getting life insurance, or more commonly, have been forced to overpay for their coverage.

And we have always been quite successful. Here’s why:

  • As an independent insurance broker, we have worked with almost every provider in the U.S.
  • To ensure our clients get the best value, it is not uncommon for us to solicit quotes from more than 20 different carriers
  • We are able to get clients life insurance without requiring a medical exam

Political change may change how much we can help you…but not until 2018!

No one is certain how the dramatic changes in the White House will impact the insurance industry although it seems clear that changes are coming. But any changes will need to be approved by the House and Senate, and are likely to take up to a year before they are enacted – and you may be impacted.

If you want to protect your family’s future, we encourage you to contact us today.

Call 213-221-3531 or email and let’s have a quick conversation. Answer 9 simple questions then let us get to work finding the best deal for you so you can do the best thing possible for your loved ones.

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Disclaimer: TEG Insurance Solutions is a California-based independent insurance broker located at 11111 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 1840, Los Angeles, CA 90025.